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What is copyright?
Copyright is an intellectual property right that arises automatically when an individual or a company creates an original work.
What kinds of work can attract copyright?
Exclusive rights
Copyright gives its owner the exclusive right to control the ways in which their copyright material may be used.
How long does copyright last?
The term of copyright protection varies for each type of work. In the case of literary works (for example), copyright lasts for up to 70 years from the death of the author.
Who does copyright belong to?
Generally copyright belongs to the author or creator of the work. However, if a copyright work has been created during the course of employment or has been commissioned to a third party the author may not be the owner of the copyright. In such a case, the owner would usually be the employer or the person commissioning the work.
Infringement of copyright
In order to bring a legal claim against a person who has infringed the rights of a copyright owner, the owner must prove that a substantial part of the work has been copied.
Certain ‘permitted acts’ are excluded from copyright infringement. They include use of a copyright work for the purpose of research or private study, or for criticism or review.
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