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Opportunities for value creation through patent awareness
An increased awareness of patents and IP helps to create an educated and receptive (decision making) community within an organisation. Technology-based organisations in particular should have an awareness of the opportunities for value creation by generating and exploiting IP assets such as patents and trade secrets.
The role of patent awareness in the development of patent strategy
Patent awareness is a fundamental precursor to the development of a patent strategy for facilitating value creation. A deeper understanding of patents within an organisation should provide business advantage and ultimately improve competitiveness. Patent awareness across an organisation is a key initiative for any technology-based organisation to implement.
Patent awareness training
Innovate Legal can provide training in IP and patent strategy to management, technical and commercial personnel within an organisation. Through bespoke programmes that include interactive seminars and workshops, we aim to promote deeper understanding of IP rights, from the business, strategic and legal perspectives.
Examples of bespoke programmes that we can present either at our offices at 107 Fleet Street in Central London or at your place of business include the following:
"Strategic Management of Intellectual Property for Added Value"A one day programme for Executive and Senior Management Teams. It demonstrates the need to manage IP assets within a strategic context, the IP management criteria essential for success and the value adding opportunities that can result when the necessary management commitment is present.
"Technology and IP: Creating Business Tools"A three day programme for R&D and Technical personnel designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the basics of the patenting process and the business value of patents. This knowledge is a fundamental requirement for personnel within a technology based company.
"Intellectual Property. Any Value or Added Value"A one day programme for R&D/Technical Managers. It explores all aspects of patents from technical, legal and commercial viewpoints. The value of a strategic approach to patents and patenting is examined. Some business games are included.
"Interfacing with Customers / Suppliers and the Competition"A one day programme for Technical Service and other Technical personnel who interact with customers and/or suppliers. The purpose of the programme is to provide attendees with a level of awareness to enable them to recognise and handle situations that potentially could expose their company to a loss of valuable technical information and/or potential patent rights, or to intellectual property risks and liabilities. The programme consists of a seminar and a workshop.
"Marketing and IP; Profit through Partnership"A one day programme for Marketing personnel. It provides necessary IP knowledge and awareness and demonstrates how opportunities for increasing added value and other business benefits can arise when IP is used strategically in the marketing process. It emphasises the value of patents to enhance the business impact of that process.
Please contact our Head of Projects, Simon Barnham, for further information.
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